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  • VS1-12 Indoor VCB Vacuum Circuit Breaker
VS1-12 Indoor VCB Vacuum Circuit Breaker

VS1-12 Indoor VCB Vacuum Circuit Breaker

  • VS1-12 Indoor VCB
  • ZN63A-12 Indoor VCB
  • Indoor High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker
  • Product description:

VS1-12 Vacuum circuit breaker Over view


VS1-12 Series Indoor AC HV Vacuum Circuit Breaker is an indoor HV switchgear of three-phase AC 50Hz and rated voltage 12kV. Circuit breaker can be proceed frequent operation and has many times breaking and rapid reclosure capacity, and has reliable interlock function. The device is front and back split charging structure, not only as a fixed installation unit but also match handcart unit with base plate cart.

The product complies with GB1984, IB3855, DL403 and IEC56.


1.  Much technical advancement

 a. It adopts the latest effect vacuum arc principle with strong breaking capacity, small volume and small chopping value. closure at present.
 b. Extreme high Electrical endurance, times of rated breaking current can arrive 20000 times, breaking short-circuit current is 50 times (40kV is 30 times, 50kA is 20 times).
c. Vacuum arc-extinguishing chamber and operating mechanism arrange front and back. It reduces energy consumption and noise, and operation is much more reliable.

 d. Impact structure and small volume.

2.  Excellent reliability on operation

 a. Every detail considers fully domestic condition and requirements in standards during design.

b. Every drive disk assemble part is made of high wear-resistant material mainly, and painted with fine lubrication. It can operate for a long time without additional lubrication and adjustment.
 c. Reliable interlock function to prevent various kinds of mis-operation effectively, it is much more safety for body.
3. Prominent economy on purchase

a. Equipment purchased has high performance cost ratio.

b. Extremely little maintenance cost greatly reduces the operating cost.

c. Excellent common performance reduces design difficulty of the project.

d. Steady technology, and without environment pollution
VS1-12-Indoor-VCBVS1-12 Indoor VCB

Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Vacuum Circuit Breaker



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