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  • SBH15 morphous Alloy Transformer
SBH15 morphous Alloy Transformer

SBH15 morphous Alloy Transformer

  • SBH morphous Alloy Transformer
  • Product description:

SBH15 Series 10kV Immersed Amorphous Alloy Core Distribution Transformer Level

Product description
1.Amorphous core distribution transformers. Core is its amorphous alloy with soft magnetic material's characteristics can further reduce the distribution system for loss and reduce air pollution. This new transformer transformer compared with the conventional silicon steel, cut 80% of the no-load loss is efficient and energysaving effect. Superscript reached the world's advanced level.

2.Amorphous alloy is a new energy-saving materials, iron, boron and other elements of solid materials used in producing rapid condensation urgent Arts, to their physical properties and performance of non-crystal metal atoms arranged disorderly, it is totally different from the crystal structure with silicon steel was more conducive to magnetization and magnetic. This new materials for transformer cores. Operating pressure changes at 100-120 times per second magnetized by the magnetic and said to be relatively easy thus greatly reducing the core of the no-load loss, but also reduce emissions if used in oil-immersed transformers CO, SO.NOX and other harmful gases, and has been called the 20th century's "green materials."

3.SBH15-based amorphous alloy core distribution transformer products that both single or three-phase five-volume box cores. Core Molding frame clamping plates, foil around for the type of low voltage windings so low loss, the short circuit capacity. advanced structural reasonable overall performance indicators have reached the world's advanced level.



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